We have state of the art infrastructure for our children:

All the class rooms are air-conditioned.

Smart class rooms have projectors and speakers fitted with wireless microphones for teachers.

There is 24 hour power back up in the premises.

There is campus/parking space available.

Safety features like fire extinguishers are installed for emergency situations.

We have the dedicated evaluation team for proper evaluation of test copies and display of results.

We have in house four high speed printing machines/scanners and other equipments for preparation of quality study material.

Transport : Pick and drop transport facility is available in 10 km circumference around every campus.

Suggestion Box: This is for students to put their suggestions which will help in further improvement of study, study materials and infrastructure.

Motivational Sessions are conducted to boost students to achieve goal.

Display Board: We provide information of specific batches at our notice boards, thus ensuring time saving of the student.

Water Cooler: We have installed Aqua-guard & Water cooler at appropriate locations in all the branches, for students to gain access to pure drinking water.

First Aid Kit : We have first aid kit to meet the first aid requirement in case of requirement.

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