Director's message

Director's message

Dear Students – A Passionate & Warm Academic Community!!!

We, at OCTs, aspire to make our students excel in terms of thoughts, ideology and performance. Our methodology of training which helps them in grooming and shaping their inborn intelligence which will take them to the very zenith and further Competitive Examinations.

The stimulating competitive atmosphere of OCTS, optimal batch size and one to one interaction of the students with the teachers ensures that every rough edge is smoothened with the clearance of every small doubt. The most effective classroom teaching abound in problems, a stupendous array of well graded one can tackled with ease and confidence one the students have a through immersion in our relevant theory classes.

Regular and updated worksheets, provided at required time, increase retainability of concepts, develop healthy academic habits, give application expertise, enhance concentration levels and boost self-studying stamina which eventually ensures success. The Deep analysis of test performance at OCTS helps us in alarming students early avoid their weak areas. This will help immensely to students as it will give them sufficient shortcomings as early as possible to work upon them, makes sure that students get best possible results. We also make sure to provide periodic morale booster to the students by conducting regular motivational sessions.

Remember: Ability is what you are capable of doing, Motivation determines what you do, and Attitude determines how well you do it. At OCTS, we instigate this spark to be kindled in all our students and let them accomplish their set goals. On behalf of entire OCTS team, I welcome you to join us and feel the blend of Qualitative & Innovative Learning.

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